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Media Release - Australian Sex Party - $10,000 Alcohol Violence Study Challenge

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11th April 2011



The Australian Sex Party is offering $10,000 to the first person who can produce a credible scientific study that proves that alcohol causes violence.

“We are offering this money to protect the rights of responsible adults to be able to socialise at places and times of their choosing” said Fiona Patten, convenor of the Sex Party.

Fiona Patten added “Unfortunately, Governments across Australia are unfairly targeting the hospitality industry for street violence, and are totally blind to the true underlying causes. It is much easier for Governments to simplistically blame alcohol for all social problems.

“The fact is that most people in Australia consume alcohol regularly but very few people are violent. This includes the many hundreds of thousands of Australians who go out in mass every weekend to socialise and have fun. We are all emotional beings and must have the freedom to express these needs in socially responsible ways.

“Violence is caused by unmet needs, frustration and rejection in association with negative psychological and cultural influences, depression or other forms of mental illness. Mental illness is, in fact, now at chronic levels in Australia and most goes untreated.

“Governments have contributed to these unmet needs and frustration by failing to provide safe environments at night and adequate transport to get people home. They have also fuelled the problem by blindly pursuing ‘law and order’ crackdowns and using inflammatory rhetoric in the media, which the tabloid media has thrived on and used to grossly exaggerate the problem.

“In Victoria for example, less that 2% of all assaults are associated with late night entertainment precincts. By contrast around 40% of violence occurs in the home. Another recent study has also shown that only 8% of young Australians are at serious risk of becoming binge drinkers.

“The Australian Sex Party does acknowledge that alcohol can be a dangerous drug if abused and that binge drinking is a major health issue in Australia, however, it must be treated as a health issue similar to the tobacco ‘Quit’ campaign.

“People who binge drink or engage in other dysfunctional behaviour such as problem gambling do so because of an underlying psychological problem. You cannot treat the dysfunctional behaviours without addressing the underlying problem.

“The Australian Sex Party now enjoys the fourth largest following of all political parties in Australia based on recent results in the Federal and Victorian elections, and support continues to grow rapidly from those who are disenfranchised with Governments trying to turn Australia into an over regulated nanny state.

“Voters have voted with their feet in recent Federal and State elections and the major parties which continue to rely on ‘spin’ and populist campaigns, undermine civil rights and freedoms, and neglect social policy, do so at their peril.

“The Australian Sex Party has responsible policies that promote a modern safe Australia allowing the community freedom of choice and access to the services they need.

“Hospitality venues are the glue that hold our community together and must be protected and its patrons treated with respect.

“Anyone who wants to respond to the $10,000 challenge is welcome to contact me on

Fiona Patten


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