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Media Release-More Police Needed

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MEDIA RELEASE 26 September 2008


Security Consultant, David Hedgcock has joined the chorus of concerned people calling for more police to be deployed at night time in Melbourne.

We have an excellent police force but the State Government has not supported it with funding and manpower and has thus put the community at risk, said Mr Hedgcock.

Mr Hedgcock added „If there is no enforcement there is no law. The media regularly shows opportunistic crime such as muggings and lootings in other cities across the world where there is no visible police presence. Why should Melbourne be any different?

In fact, I am surprised by how low the crime rate is in Melbourne given the many hundreds of thousands of people who venture out at night every week.

Mr Hedgcock toured Melbourne‚s streets last weekend with camera in hand to demonstrate the lack of a visible police presence and has posted the results on YouTube (see link: <>  )

Mr Hedgcock stated that the relatively small mobile vehicle based squad of only 75 police across all of inner Melbourne only enables the police to respond after an incident has occurred. Police foot patrols are virtually nowhere to be seen.

We need police to be proactive by having a clearly visible police presence on the street. This can have a calming and preventative effect. In this way, they are acting as peacekeepers. Reactive policing, however, has the opposite effect, stressed Mr Hedgcock.

I am also concerned that the officers are being removed from other important roles, such as transit police, to boost the numbers of police in the specialist response squad. One of the problems we face is unruly people arriving in the City on trains and trams and this problem needs to be effectively addressed, Mr Hedgcock added.

Mr Hedgcock indicated that Œrobbing Peter to pay Paul‚ is not the answer - proper planning and resourcing is the only way forward. Mr Hedgcock has pointed to the way police manage major sporting events as an example of how things should be done.

Sporting fans are passionate and things can easily get out of control, as we have seen all too often at soccer games. Police in Melbourne therefore ensure there is a ratio of around one police officer per one thousand spectators at major events and work hand in hand with teams of security. This is what we need to aim for in Melbourne at night.

Mr Hedgcock has written to Melbourne City Council seeking an invitation to the Summit to be held on October 3rd.

With my over 40 experience as a leader in the security and hospitality industry, I believe I can make a significant contribution to community safety.


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