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Media Release - Night Transport A Mess

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David Hedgcock Security Consultant

L 1, 161 Victoria Parade Collingwood

B/Tel: 94161333 Mobile: 0418 395 208 

Email: 26th September 2008



Security Consultant, David Hedgcock has blamed much of the antisocial behaviour in Melbourne‚s late night entertainment precincts on transport problems. 

According to Mr Hedgcock the basics of transport are not being met and the community is suffering as a result. 

We certainly need more police on the beat but we also have to urgently fix up our transport problems.

There are no late night / early morning trains and trams, inadequate night rider bus services and the taxi industry is out of control‰ said Mr Hedgcock.

Taxi drivers deliberately avoid taxi ranks and trawl up and down the streets, selectively choosing a fare that suits them, leaving many angry and frustrated people stranded in the street. It makes these people, particularly young women, more vulnerable to harassment and assault.

What‚s more, this also means that there are inadequate taxis to cater for long queues at taxi ranks‰ added Mr Hedgcock

Mr Hedgcock has taken video footage of taxi drivers selectively trawling for fares and posted this on YouTube see link 

The government needs to act immediately to ensure that taxi drivers only use designated taxi ranks, with a permanent security presence, and that the public is educated to use these ranks.

In this way, the public is better serviced and the safety of taxi drivers is enhanced by screening of passengers‰ stressed Mr Hedgcock.

Mr Hedgcock has called for a strongly worded ultimatum to be sent to the State Government at Melbourne City Council‚s Summit on the 3rd October for:

· Proper regulation of the Taxi Industry at night, with taxi drivers being forced to pick up fares only at taxi ranks

· Improvements to the existing Night Rider Bus Service

· Trains and trams to run on the hour after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and other busy nights

· Effective enforcement of anti social behaviour and drinking on public transport by a highly visible presence by police and authorised officers employed by the private train and tram operators.


For further information contact David Hedgcock 

B/Tel: 9416 1333 Mobile: 0418 395 208