Research & Advocacy Papers


The following papers have been prepared to promote a better understanding of the dynamics of late night entertainment precincts and encourage safe socialisation by all people who are attracted to entertainment precincts. They were prompted by the decision of the Victorian State Government to introduce a 3 month 2am lockout trial across Melbourne which ended on September 2nd 2008. NOF documents are not subject to copyright and maybe be freely shared. Acknowledgement of the source would however be appreciated.

  • ALLM State Government Letter May 2012
  • NSW Density Impact Study Response - Nightclub Owners Forum
  • Dillon Report - Chapel Street Entertainment Precinct 2012
  • Amenity Discussion Paper 2011
  • Alcohol Does Not Cause Or Fuel Violence
  • Violence - Causes & Prevention
  • BBC News Magazine Article - Viewpoint Is The Alcohol Message All Wrong
  • Submission - Victorian Alcohol and Drug Strategy 2011 NIGHTCLUB OWNERS FORUM
  • Real Time Transparent Data Needed for Entertainment Precincts
  • Matt Dillon Report - Policing CBD August 2011
  • Lockout Trial Venues - Melbourne
  • Exempt Venues - Lockout Trial
  • KPMG Evaluation of Melbourne's 2am Lockout Trial
  • Analysis of KPMG Lockout Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Melbourne's 2am Lockout Trial
  • Proposed Legislative Changes Governing Nightclub Operation in Victoria
  • Traps with Statistical Analysis
  • Problems with Police Statistics
  • Why Lockouts Don't Work
  • Lockout FOI Results